With the summertime heat comes more and more bugs out of the woodwork. It seems like there’s no avoiding them – inside or outside, they always find a way near you. Bugs are just one of the natural responses to warm weather, which means more encounters when you’re outside trying to soak up the sun and have fun in the outdoors.

There are some seriously dangerous creatures out there, though, that you need to keep an eye out for. Let’s discuss a few of these insects and what a bite from them can do.


Ticks are one of the most infamous bugs around the world and are known for carrying diseases like Lyme disease. Ticks can latch onto the skin and won’t let go until they have engorged themselves. Tick-borne illnesses will be experienced, if a disease is transmitted, after the tick has been attached for at least 24 hours. If you notice an increasing number of tick bites, consider taking measures for residential tick control denton.

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Arizona Bark Scorpion

This scorpion is one of the most dangerous and poisonous in the North Americas. It has a sting that packs a strong punch and can be extremely painful. Its venom can make it difficult to breathe and cause muscles to twitch. If you’ve had a run in with what you think is a Bark scorpion, call poison control to get medical assistance.

Kissing Bugs

These bugs are spread throughout the southern half of the United States and carry a disease known as Chagas disease. This disease can cause an infection to develop within the body that leads to a greatly increased risk of death. Many people have the disease but do not know it, as these insects hide indoors and bite at night.

You may not always know when you’ve gotten bit, but when you find a bite it is time to take precautions. Watch out for these three bugs if you want to avoid pain this summer.