dental x-ray shorewood

Significance of dental x-rays

Be it a child or an adult; there’s one thing everyone dislike- visiting the dentist. Most of us feel that getting dental x-rays every year is unnecessary, especially if you don’t have any particular complaint about your oral health. But the fact is, dental x-rays are much more important than what you think.

Why are dental x-rays necessary

Dental x-rays help your dentist to gauge your oral health and prescribe treatments accordingly. Children need to get more frequent dental radiographs because their tooth structure keeps changing.

Dental x-rays are used to identify-

·    Abnormal tooth growth

·    Tooth decay

·    Chronic oral health problems

If you visit a dentist for the first time, they will ask you to get a dental dental x ray shorewood done so that they can analyze the general health of your teeth. People with a history of gingivitis might need to get dental x-rays more often.

Types of dental x-rays

Different types of dental x-rays capture different angles of your mouth and teeth. The different types of x-rays are:-

1.    Bitewing X-ray- This type of x-ray is used to capture a particular area of your tooth. You will need to bite a piece of plastic while the image is being taken.

2.    Periapical X-ray- This type captures your entire tooth. It’s usually recommended if your dentist suspects a tooth structure anomaly.

3.    Panoramic X-ray- As the name suggests, this type of x-ray is used to capture the entire area of your mouth which includes everything from teeth to walls.

4.    Full-mouth X-ray- It is a collage of different images taken by using the Bitewing and the Periapical techniques.

5.    Occlusal X-ray- This type of x-ray is usually done to detect whether a toddler has started developing teeth or not.

The Endnote

dental x-ray shorewood

Dental x-rays are necessary and aid in treating most of your dental problems. So, the next time doesn’t hesitate to get your x-ray done. It will be useful to your dentist and your teeth.

dental x-ray shorewood
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